Learning commission – in association with Kent County Council

Phoebe Marsh

This commission was an opportunity for a Kent-based artist at the start of their career to spend time with the other commissioned artists and learn about their practice. Phoebe Marsh, solo performer spent time meeting and observing the artists, and thinking about her own practice within this context.

To hear about Phoebe's experiences, you can listen to her podcasts here.

Seeking safety and connection

A second podcast sharing Phoebe’s learning for People United’s Artists’ Commissions. You’ll find ideas around participatory arts and meaningful interaction stemming from conversations and experiments that took place over the last few months.

Image courtesy of the artist

The artist: Phoebe Marsh

A solo performer, producer and recent postgraduate from The University of Kent, Phoebe will share her learning through blogs, podcasts and performance.

Phoebe Marsh

Five questions revealing a little bit more about Phoebe Marsh

The Beatles or Elvis?
Kate Bush

Who has inspired you?
The women in my family, they are ferocious.

Why did you apply for the commission, and what made you choose learning?
I'm trying to connect the things I care about with the things I know how to do. It's early days for me as a maker, this was an opportunity to learn and explore, fail and fail better. I've been working with ideas around kindness and pro-social behaviour for a while now but this was an opportunity to develop that work in a community of people all playing with similar questions. Also everyone knows People United have the good cake.

What values do you think are important in your work?
Humour and humility. Also glitter, but that's not technically a value. It should be.

Can you recommend a good book?
On Kindness by Adam Phillips & Barbara Taylor